Television: Playground Wars

Sky Holmes, Jenny Williams, Ellie Gould, Yema Stowell 31 October 2013

1. The Simpsons, Sky Holmes

I like to be educated when I watch TV. Even as a child, that’s how I did things. The Simpsons was my favourite children’s show-it influenced my life, improved my sense of humour. I learnt about sex, about doughnuts, about the rubbishness of political correctness. I began seeing things hat I hadn’t seen before. Nuclear power didn’t seem so serious, other comedy not so funny; without this tint of yellow I’m not sure I’d be at Cambridge. It developed my wit, crafted me into an adult-surely the purpose of children’s TV?

2. Saved by the Bell, Jenny Williams

The illicit charm of Saved by the Bell provided my most treasured childhood escapism. I longed to be Kelly, fancied Slater and totally empathised with Screech. I couldn’t wait to get to ‘high school’ and live the dream, snogging by lockers and then swanning off to college in sunny California. Cue a barmy all-girls senior school and Cambridge. Childhood TV, not quite like reality, I have realised.

3. Art Attack, Ellie Gould

Take a garishly red jumper, an overly smiley presenter and a box of recycling, and what do you get? Art Attack of course! Seventeen years of this programme brought us all sorts of creative goodies made from old toilet rolls- even if you never actually had the obscure items you needed for that alien-shaped door stop. Three layers of PVA glue and ripped up kitchen paper is an undeniable childhood joy. Next stop the Tate Modern.

4. Jungle Run, Yema Stowell

I had a dream that one day my friends and I would reach the Temple of the Jungle King. We would swing over the blue waters of Angel Falls collecting those statues, outrun Sid and Elvis, and believe everything Michael Underwood told us. More importantly, we would escape the Temple with all four idols and not be one of those unfortunate children left behind in the Tomb FOREVER. They say that dreams never die.