That’ll do Pig…

Neil O'Sullivan - News Reporter 6 November 2009

A Cambridgeshire farm is pioneering a new type of pet that is set to become the latest craze.

The Little Pig Farm, in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, is run by Jane Croft and is the only specialist breeder in the UK of Micro Pigs.

The tiny pigs grow to only twelve to sixteen inches in height. They have been created through years of selective breeding and are a mixture of breeds including Miniature Pot Bellied, Kune Kune, German Micro, Gloucester Old Spot and Tamworth.

The farm says that Micro Pigs make the perfect pet. They are intelligent, sociable and clean. However, a Micro Pig costs an average of around £450.

The high price tag and handbag-friendly size means they may become the preserve of celebrities. Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, has already visited the farm to pick up a pair of pigs. The pigs are already popular in America.

On hearing about the miniature pigs, some students expressed concerns. Katerina Webb-Bourne, a History student from St Catharine’s College, worried that they might just be a fad, with owners quickly growing tired of their quirky pets which can live for up to eighteen years. “People might think these pigs are cute at first, but they could soon get bored of them and start neglecting them.”

However, potential owners are vetted to ensure that they have enough outside space and housing for pigs.

A County Parish Holding Number from the Rural Payments Agency is also required. As the pigs are still classed as livestock, a license must be obtained if owners do want to take their new pets for a walk, so it is unlikely that students will be seeing little pigs running around the colleges any time soon.

If owners feel they can no longer look after their pigs, the farm also operates a Micro Pig Rescue and re-homing service, and the waiting list for people willing to give the pigs a new home is long.

Neil O’Sullivan – News Reporter