The 11 Facebook pages you need to know about

Freya Sanders 31 August 2014

Whether you’re missing Cambridge like a hole in the head, or a fresher preparing to fall in love with it in Michaelmas, these thoroughly Cantabrigian corners of Facebook will bring immeasurable entertainment and insight.

1. Overheard at Cambridge

This is the mecca of procrastinating Cambridge students. The premise behind the group is that “you hear the craziest things in Cambridge”; it’s a space for people to share the weirdest, most posh and most ridiculous words you can’t help overhearing in this place. A quick scroll may strike fear into the hearts of incoming freshers, but fret not: the madness is harmless and utterly infectious.

Honestly, some people are such Cambridge caricatures.

2. Marginalia at Cambridge

Cambridge is full of very opinionated pedants who can’t resist expressing themselves – even if it means starting a dialogue with the Oxford World Classics edition of Oedipus and Antigone. The group is a collection of the bizarre, hilarious and downright rude things that Cambridge students have found scribbled in the margins of library books.

The most extreme and destructive form of marginalia.

3. Jesus out of context

A lesser-known but exceedingly entertaining group in which students are invited to post any confusion that has arisen from using the name of Jesus College out of context. Highlights are often rowing-related, for instance: "It's just a precaution, in case Jesus tries to pull a fast one on us."

4. Cambridge May Ball Marketplace

An actually useful group for those in hunt of a May Ball ticket – or hoping to sell one. Getting hold of a ticket for the May Ball of a college that isn’t your own can be tricky if you don’t have contacts there, so this is a good place to start. There’s a similar group for Formal tickets.

5. Cambridge RAG

Cambridge has a very active charities scene that almost all students will want to play a part in at some point – whether you’re keen to speed date, sky dive or shake a bucket. You can keep informed about anything RAG-related by liking this page. 

6. Cambridge Theatre

A page for all things thespian. Whether you want to act in, direct, review or watch any of Cambridge’s numerous productions, it’s worth keeping up with this page: it offers everything from audition dates and workshop information to reviews and socials.

7. Cambridge tell him/her

A borderline-creepy but sometimes cute page filled with anonymous confessions. If you’re desperate to tell that tall, dark, ravishing stranger your innermost desires, you can do so here; if you just want to be entertained by the lustful professions of nameless fellow students, you’ve clicked on the right link. There’s a special version for rowers called Spotted: River Cam that features some outstanding boatie puns.

8. Cambridge Creatives

Cambridge Creatives showcases the art of some of the most terrifyingly talented people in Cambridge. If you ever feel like being inspired by your fellow students, head to this page.

9. Somebody Else’s Cambridge

This beautiful blog is full of anonymous interviews with Cambridge students, the premise being that everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes tragic, often funny, occasionally agonising and always profound, the blog is downright addictive. Set up last year, it’s been an instant success. Click here to read TCS’s interview with the creator about her vision. 

10. Cambridge Speaks its Mind

Modelled as an ‘information sharing project’, this is an important space that aims to encourage openness about mental health in Cambridge. Often shocking, the power behind the page is its ability to reach out and show the lonely and the troubled that they are part of a wider community.

11. The Cambridge Student

Keeping you up to date with what’s happening in Cambridge; commenting on the current and the controversial; interviewing the biggest names in the university and beyond; blowing minds with fascinating features: there’s nothing our journalists can’t do. Whether you’re looking to giggle, procrastinate, decide if that show’s worth going to or get het up about student politics, we should be your first port of call.