The Art of the Perfect Sushi

Susan Ok 31 October 2013

Sushi. It’s certainly something not be be ig-nori-ed. As Sex-in-the-City’s Samantha so artfully proved, it can be enjoyed any time, any where, any when. A grab-and-go lunch, a mighty meal with friends or a tasty snack: whatever it is, sushi’s your saviour. Particularly true if it’s a meal for one – and then it’s your friend as well.

It took a while to catch on. About a thousand years in fact. Fermented rice was first paired with salted fish during 400BC in Southeast Asia. It was a means of preserving fish and the rice was discarded. Fastforward a thousand years and it was introduced into Japan, soon becoming a firm favourite. And rightly so!

So what is the art of the perfect sushi? Certainly a choice is key. Teri-Aki, Quayside, offers this in abudance, with its vast menu offering a variety of delightful dishes. Opt for their unagi, sweet and tender eel sushi. Try before you’re sly: it’s delicious. If it’s a buzzing atmosphere and urban vibe you’re after, check out Yo! Sushi, Market Square. Pluck morsels from the conveyor belt, which produces fresh food like it’s going out of fashion. Forget Blue Mondays at your peril. Or are you feeling like succulent sushi to take away? Ohayo Sushi Bar, Mill Road is where it’s at. Their Dream Team Sushi Sashimi Set is perfect for eating with friends. But if you’re really hungry. . .

Want to be your very own sushi master? First thing to learn is that Rice Reigns. Choose short-grain sushi rice (shari) and remember the third R: Rinse. Forget to wash off the starch and you’ll regret it. Have fun with fillings. Any vegetables work but cucumber, carrot, radish sprouts and avocado are arguably the best. Select two types of veggies and a fish. Less popular than the typical smoked salmon but equally delicious are shrimp or crabmeat. If you’re feeling really bold, try duck breast with crispy skin and blanched green onions

We’re at the point of nori-turn. Sushi is here to stay. And I’m soy glad.