The Battle of the Brunch

Magdalen Christie 15 May 2015

Ah, brunch. The weekend’s crowning glory, the balm to the worst Friday night Life exploits, the cure for the broken-hearted and the hungover, the best way to impress a guest, and everyone’s favourite meal.

Although the love for brunch is University-wide, there is some clear disparity between different colleges’ attempts. TCS has the inside scoop for you, so read on for the definitive guide to brunch.

Downing (0 votes)

“It was shit. He burnt my toast.”

Image credit: Simon via Flickr

Trinity, Selwyn, Girton, Newnham, King’s, Peterhouse (1% of votes each)

Stevie Hertz, History fresher: “Peterhouse brunch is obviously the best in Cambridge.” (Sorry Stevie, the people have spoken, and they don’t agree). “Not only because of the inexplicable presence of onion rings, and cinnamon swirls, warm from the oven and heat lamps. These define my Saturdays, not only because of their deliciousness, but also because of the continuing debates about how best to eat them (knife and fork? Bite? Unravel?)”.

It’s nice to know that brunch can be a forum for healthy debate as well as collective food comas.

I know you love Bacon. Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Emma, Caius, Queens’, St John’s (2% of votes each)

Sam Rhodes, third-year historian and Editor-in-Chief of TCS: “Caius has objectively the best hash browns, and I will duel anyone who says otherwise.”

Elsa Maishman, Emma fresher: “strong hash browns, like shallow-fried pieces of heaven… Poor scrambled egg – invariably soggy and unrecognisable” but with the “highlight" of passoguava juice.

Emma apparently has a gourmet element to their brunch, which makes me uncomfortable.

Hayden Banks, Queens’ fresher: “Queens’ wins because they have brunch on Saturday and Sunday, with the famous Queens' 4, 8 and 16, catering for a variety of appetites and budgets, and excellent non-fried options such as croissants.” Sadly the “fried eggs are like bullets, and scrambled really rubbery”. It’s true that Queens’ is good value for money, with 8 items for just £2.50.

However, a distinguished Murray Edwards fresher believes that Queens’ sausage selection is “not as good as Medwards'."

Pembroke (4% of total votes)

Pembroke did relatively well on the opinion poll, but sadly there is little feedback from the student body. It is left to assumption then that the Michelin starred chef nobody can ever shut up about is providing good breakfast foods.

Image credit: Puamelia via Flickr

Murray Edwards (82% of total votes)

The Dome blew every other college out of the water with a whopping 82% of votes, placing it first in TCS’s Brunch Hall of Fame. Indeed, it’s true that students flock from far and wide for a taste of a Medwards brunch, and are rarely disappointed. In the wise words of Alice Mottram: “After the waffle controversy of Lent 2015, the profound emotional damage of which we are all still recovering from, the Saturday brunch is again the flagship midday fry-up for the hill colleges. Home sweet Dome.”

Well, what’s left is for you, dear reader, to make your happy way up to Medwards, and partake of as much brunch as possible so that the only way to get home is to roll down Castle Hill.

The Battle of the Brunch is complete.

Medwards is crowned victorious. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, ed. by M Christie