The Boat Race: reactions from the riverside

Eleanor Simmons 7 April 2014

It is after the tension, the adrenaline, and the drama of the Boat Race that finally the exhaustion sets in. The most popular of the Varsity matches is over for another year. The families of each competitor rode on the launches following the race and it will be their job now to celebrate with their champions or pick up the pieces of that crushing defeat. Nevertheless, the overriding sensation post race at the riverside was that of tremendous pride. TCS spoke to the Light Blue and Dark Blue rowers and their families about being a part of this prestigious event.

Joshua Hooper – Cambridge number 7 seat:
"It's disappointing but stuff happens and that's how the outcome turned out to be. We had an awesome pattern and an awesome rhythm going . If the clash hadn't happened we thought we were in there for the win. Its a really frustrating thing and its not fun losing this way but we put purselves in a good position and I have no doubts about what we were doing out there."

Constantine Louloudis – Oxford number 7 seat: 
"I never had any doubts that Oxford would win. You plan for every contingency and you always have in the back of your mind that if it does go wrong, they will snatch it, but I knew that if we rowed our race we'd be fine. The clash didn't phase me much, we've prepared for all that sort of stuff and I don't get phased by much."

Mother of Karl Hudspith – Oxford Number 2 seat and ex-President:
"This is the way to go! Third medal! Having watched our son in the Boat Race for three years, this was the least nervewracking. He gets his academic genes from my husband and he gets his strength from his mother!"

Wife of Malcolm Howard -. Oxford President:
"I don't know if that's ever a way you want to win, and that's the way the Boat Race is. It was a much easier Boat Race to watch than last year, and given I have a new baby it was an even happier win! Malcolm has done a remarkable job because our son is only six months old. He's called Gavin and has been asleep the whole race. He's very tall and long and he has big feet so we'll see if he follows in his father's footsteps! I don't think we can put pressure on him to be anything. Oxford always puts on a ball for their rowers, and the baby has his Boat Race ball oufit ready. Malcolm's mum knit him a special sweater."