The Cambridge Pythons trounce Anglia Ruskin Rhinos

Robert Crawford 5 February 2014

The Cambridge Pythons beat their city rivals Anglia Ruskin Rhinos 52-0 on Sunday, scoring seven touchdowns. The home team dominated the first quarter to lead 24-0 after three touchdowns, the first of which came from a 20-yard pass.

The second quarter was more competitive after the away defence tightened up. Nonetheless, the Pythons managed to score midway through the quarter with a 60-yard touchdown.

The Rhinos started the third quarter strongly in defence, but a fumble on their 15-yard line saw Cambridge taking advantage to score. For the rest of the quarter, the match was fairly even and did not leave the middle of the pitch.

The Pythons scored two further touchdowns in the final quarter, including a run from their quarterback, to seal a 52-0 win.