The Cambridge Tripod: Cambridge in the Summer

Sárica Robyn Balsari-Palsule 13 October 2014

When the undergraduates pack up their belongings and leave Cambridge early each summer, one might assume the city stands still. However, instead of mourning the absence of young voices, it springs to another life.

Long-suffering locals have hardly had time to draw a sigh of relief to reclaim their much-loved haunts when whole colonies of both summer students and tourists descend, happily announcing their arrival.

Coaches with European logos emblazoned on their flanks, trundle into the city, disgorging newcomers eager to see the marvel of King’s Chapel and other picturesque colleges in the flesh.

For three months the city has played host to music, art, theatre, dance, literary festivals, exhibitions and Shakespeare festivals on sylvan college grounds. Its most famous visitors this past July, were the Tour de France cyclists who sped through the city centre: if you blinked, you would have missed them.

World Cup football fever naturally took over this summer in the pubs of Cambridge, but so did lazy punts, walks, bike rides on towpaths, trysts on bridges and the unlikely discovery of reading nooks surrounded by ancient stone. These turned out to be my little alcoves of serenity, where the only sounds were of bees circling the still stalks of fragrant blossoms.

All the following image credit: Sárica Robyn Balsari-Palsule 

Far from the Madding Crowd (Free School Lane).

Whatever floats your boat (Chesterton).

World War One Centenary (Great St Mary’s Church).

Should I have gone to Specsavers? (Waiting in the crowd for Tour de France cyclists).

Wind in the Willows (Magdalene College).