The campaign on streetlights must not be put out

Jack May 3 December 2015

Our front page headline for the first issue of this Michaelmas Term bore a stark warning.

Voices from across Cambridge, at both college level and wider, warned that turning off the streetlights across Cambridge in the middle of night, as is the county council’s plan, would be a dangerous and unwise idea.

It is both disappointing and reassuring that the issue has come up again in the last issue of this term.

The frustration is that the county council has not yet decided to discontinue its plan, and to promise to keep streetlights on for the safety of Cambridge’s students and residents. It is reassuring, however, that a campaign has risen to oppose the plan in the strongest terms, and reassuring that they protested this week in a public and peaceful manner.

The manager of the campaign has spoken out clearly of their plan to continue protests and campaigning action into Lent Term, and it is absolutely right that they do so.

The county council will be hoping that this, like most issues in Cambridge, is a ‘one-term pony’, that will die out over the vacation as students lose interest. It cannot be so.