The Day of the Doctor: Saturday 23rd

David Cowan 19 November 2013

Doctor Who’s success has always depended on the strange paradox that it is always changing yet always staying the same. Companions come and go. The Daleks get an occasional paint job. The Doctor regenerates every few years. Yet it has always been about an ancient and wise alien battling the evils of the universe, travelling across time and space in a Police Box. It’s this basic formula which has kept Doctor Who alive for the past fifty years.

In its fiftieth year Steven Moffat, the show’s current head writer, was faced with the challenge of how to mark this amazing milestone. In the past it has been something of a tradition to bring backpast Doctors, lots of classic monsters, and former companions in an indulgent nostalgia fest.

For ‘The Day of the Doctor’ we can expect something very different as we discover exactly who John Hurt’s ‘War Doctor’ is, how the Time War ended, and exactly how ‘The Day of the Doctor’ will push the show in a new direction. But there will certainly be many kisses to the rich past of Doctor Who which keen fans will appreciate.

‘The Day of the Doctor’ airs at 19:50 on Saturday 23rd November. Join the Doctor Who Society at 7pm in the McGrath Centre, St Catherine’s College, for a free live screening of the 50th followed by an afterparty at Clare Gatehouse.