The Doctor Who 50th Drinking Game

Yema Stowell 19 November 2013

1 shot when…
• Ten and Eleven compete with one another – “Oh, you’ve redecorated! I don’t like it.”
• Allons-y!
• The Doctor gets childishly over-excited about a fez
• A previous Doctor’s trait is mentioned – jelly babies anyone?
• Geronimo!
• “No more” is spoken or sighted
• Eleven plays with his bow tie
• The Doctor gulps miserably at the words “Bad Wolf”
• Eleven calls Clara his ‘impossible girl’
• Something goes wrong with the Doctor’s beloved TARDIS
• “Doctor Who?”

2 shots when…
• The Doctor tries his hand at a bit of romance
• “The end of the world!”
• A reference is made to Elizabeth I being the ‘Virgin Queen’
• Ten says “we-el!” while looking very pleased with himself

Down, it fresher! When…
• Something sad inevitably happens with or to Rose
• Eleven gets jealous of Clara’s attention to Ten
• The Doctor cries (down, and drown your sorrows)
• The final credits roll and we’re forced to say our goodbyes again