The Humble Bundle

James Lucas 31 January 2014

The Humble Bundle started as a collection of games, being sold for whatever the buyer would pay. The buyer also chose how their money was divided between Humble Bundle Inc., the creators, or charity. Now the company has expanded to include audio books, a weekly sale of games and a permanent ‘Humble Store’. The best part is, you still choose how much to pay.

By paying above the average (often around £4-5 in total) you also unlock additional content, such as extra games and soundtracks. As well as everything above, all games can be linked to your Steam account for easy access.This is an amazing opportunity that 
more people should seize. Often you will find award winning indie games for pennies, occasionally even big name developers will put selections of their games up for grabs. As a student on a budget, the Humble Bundle is always a highpoint in my week.