The Library Challenge

Elsa Maishman 26 April 2015

The library. Love it or hate it, it’s where we’ll all be living in exam term. So instead of wasting your procrastination time flicking between Facebook and BuzzFeed, why not do something actually useful, and test out one of our library challenge activities below. Why not try one right now? (Come on, we all know you’re reading this in the library.)


Where can you practise your Usain Bolt sprint without having to trek over to your local sports ground? The library of course! Simply select two parallel aisles of books, challenge a friend (or enemy you wish to crush) to a 20m sprint race, and whoever emerges on the other side first wins. Good, clean fun, the type Cambridge students were meant to have.

Find the Elusive Chocolate Compartment

It’s everyone’s longest-harboured dream: to one day open a book and find the hidden chocolate compartment that has been the secret treasure of libraries for generations. Why not devote an unproductive morning to methodically checking the books for hidden goodies? The UL holds around 8 million items, that ought to keep you busy.

Stealthy Snacks

Ever smuggled a coffee past the librarian and felt like an absolute badass? Big deal, my friend, it’s time to up the ante. What is the most daring thing that you can fill your pockets with/stuff up your jumper? A bottle of vodka with tumblers? A cheeseboard? A family pack of Doritos? When that becomes child’s play, take things to the next level by seeing what you can brazenly carry into the library displayed for all to see: a tray of lidless coffees? A pot of hummus with crudités? The raw ingredients for a cake that you intend to assemble on site? Let your imagination and your tastebuds run wild, it’s exam term – you deserve a treat!