The May Ball Mega Event

10 May 2020
Image Credit: wikimedia commons

May Week Alternative, RAG and the May Ball Presidents’ Committee have come together to put on The May Week Mega Event, an online celebration of May Week to celebrate the end of a tough year on the 28th June.

The event will be a livestream of musicians and performers featuring some of the biggest names on Cambridge’s music and comedy scenes. Although no acts have been announced at present, the evening promises to be Cambridge’s own take on The Big Night In.

The Mega Event is fundraising for The Big May Ball Appeal – Coronavirus (Big MAC), a Cambridge-based student charity to support research in the fight against Coronavirus and future pandemics. A central feature of the Mega Event will be a text-to-donate fundraising appeal organised by the Big MAC campaign.

Although the pandemic has left Cambridge students physically distanced, the Mega Event team aims to bring people together through entertainment. As a representative for Cambridge RAG put it, ‘it’s at times of international crises when coming together to not only raise money for those in need, but to demonstrate unity is especially important.’

The team behind the evening are looking for submissions from across Cambridge to give all students a chance to leave their mark on the evening.

Individual opportunities range from a ‘5 minutes of fame’ segment for any performer to show off a talent to a ‘Uni Tunes’ competition to features songs that have defined Cambridge life. Societies are encouraged to get in touch to showcase the different talents that exist across Cambridge. COVID cancelled Varsity matches could be replayed over Zoom through sporting challenges alongside inter-collegiate comedy competitions.

Even if a society doesn’t yet have an idea, the Mega Event team has encouraged groups to sign up online and work with their content creation team. To take part as a society or an individual visit the Get Involved section of their website.

President George Rosenfeld called the event ‘a unique opportunity to bring the whole Cambridge community together as one’. By crowdsourcing content from across Cambridge and bringing together groups from across Cambridge for different segments, the evening aims to combine the community spirit of Comic Relief with the uniquely Cambridge approach to May Week.

Indeed, even in normal times, the number of events going on in term-time makes gathering all students together in the same place impossible. By taking advantage of social distancing, the Mega Event seeks to unite Cambridge in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Rosenfeld also founded May Week Alternative, one of the organisations behind the event, which encourages students to celebrate May Week by making a significant donation to charity and usually arranges a Summer Party. This year, the organisation has already raised over £150,000 for the Against Malaria Foundation.

The Mega Event, although co-hosted by May Week Alternative, is a collaborative effort that relies on the equal support of the The May Ball Presidents’ Committee and Cambridge RAG. By pooling knowledge and resources, the three organisations aim to produce an evening of socially-distanced entertainment while raising money to help organisations preventing future pandemics.

For more information visit the The May Week Mega Event website: