The Oxford-Cambridge boat race results

Caithlin Ng 3 April 2017

Oxford University’s latest victory in the 163rd men’s Boat Race on Sunday, April 2, saw it secure its fourth win in the last five years, regaining the title lost to Cambridge University during last year’s race.

Oxford secured a final time of 16 minutes, 59 seconds, with a team that included William Warr, the third man to have ever competed for both Cambridge and Oxford. The Cambridge team, meanwhile, lost out by just four seconds.

With this latest win, the gap between each university’s cumulative wins for the men’s race has narrowed to 82-80 for Cambridge and Oxford respectively. In the history of the Boat Race, which is still the only non-country representative rowing race broadcasted on television, Cambridge and Oxford have only drawn once; the 1877 race was declared a dead heat, although Oxford often claims a narrow victory.

Cambridge, on the other hand, managed to secure a win in the women’s edition of the Boat Race on Sunday, comfortably winning in a record time of 18 minutes, 33 seconds, as opposed to Oxford’s 19 minutes, five seconds. The victory was in part owed to Oxford’s shaky start, when rower Rebecca Esselstein made an error known as catching a crab. This widened Cambridge’s overall lead in the female race to 42-30.

Speaking about the women’s triumph, Cambridge president Ashton Brown told BBC Sport, “I’m so proud of the team and the squad this year. I couldn’t have done it without the squad and I just had an awesome job leading them.”