The Secret Snacks of Students

Katie Batchelor 9 May 2014

What food do you turn to when revision is bringing you down and your brain just can no longer process nor deliver anything remotely intelligent? Five students share their secret guilty pleasures. If you think they're weird, wait till you try them out. 
Warning: if you eat more than one of these in one go, you may not be able to get up afterwards.

Pizza Pie – Robert Eyers
If we can trust the claims of ‘That’s Amore’, pizza pie must equal ‘amore’, eh? In which case, I could claim that I ooze passion. My digestive tract is bursting with the food of love: not music, but a meal confided to me by Cupid. It is the answer to the question, “what do you do with a pizza when you’ve only got a microwave?” Take your 50p, Sainsbury’s Basics pizza. Layer it with cheese, ham, pepper… The healthy things. Place another Basics pizza upon it – tasty side down. The resulting ‘pie’ is microwave ready. The gooey, comforting mess that emerges when that come-hither ding sounds, fully justifies the trust that the songwriter had in it. Pity he didn’t invent it. Good job I just did.

Mars Bar Toastie – Gigi Perry
Without a doubt, my guilty pleasure has to be a Mars Bar Toastie and I use the term “guilty” loosely. For, whilst this does the waistline few favours, it is too heavenly, too glorious, for me to profess any remorse. As with the best comfort food, it is sinfully (and perhaps dangerously) easy to master. Just slice your Mars Bar and sandwich with cheap white bread. Bang it in a toastie maker and let the machine do the work. Devour immediately. Hot, sweet and fabulously decadent, it begs to be tried and clamours to be savoured.

Pizza Toast – Alice McGenity
Simple, but oh so good: pizza toast is a must as an any-time-of-day snack. Toast bread, grate cheese and cut up veg for toppings. Grill the veg for about a minute (if you can be bothered), spread the toast with tomato purée (ketchup will do!), sprinkle with cheese and veggie topping and grill for 30 seconds until the cheese melts. Also great as a cheap Domino’s alternative.

Just Tuna – Ashley Chhibber
When I don't have time for a proper meal, I turn to tuna, on its own, straight out of the tin. The only preparation is the time it takes to "borrow" a tin opener. I've been told that eating fish is beneficial for the brain, and for the simplicity and lack of washing up, that's good enough for me.

Gooey Chocolate Sandwich – Katie Batchelor
Now everyone loves a Nutella sandwich, but people seem to think it odd when I stick a chocolate bar on bread. What’s the difference? For insanely warm and gooey decadence, break an aero bar (the mint one gives an extra twist) into bits onto a piece of thick, white toast: stick it in the microwave for twenty to thirty seconds, and ohhhhh. It’s the best kind of food to eat while wrapped up in your duvet, preferably in your pyjamas, despite it being three in the afternoon.