The Seven Deadly Sins of Make-up

Olivia Galvin 31 October 2013

These transgressions may not condemn you to eternal damnation, but they can mess with your skin, your reputation, and your wallet. So here are the 7 ‘deadly’ sins of beauty…

Sloth – A cardinal sin for your skin is leaving make-up on overnight. There are no excuses, bar pure laziness, not to swipe a make-up wipe over your face at the very least. Store them upside down so that the first wipe is always moist.

Envy – Jealous of Lauren Conrad’s feline flicks or the girl in your lecture with the latest ombre lips? Head over to YouTube and invest a little time in perfecting your technique by watching posters such as ‘Pixiwoo’.

Gluttony – Make-up can make the dull dazzling. But don’t bite off more than you can chew! Few can carry off a full lip and a smokey eye. Restrain yourself and focus on just one feature.

Lust – Lusting after ideal model-esque cheekbones is not going to do you any good. You’re either born with or without some things. Enhance what you have, but keep your expectations grounded.

Wrath – Don’t do anything totally drastic in your beauty regime whilst angry. Layering on the fake tan whilst angry with yourself for being paler than Wednesday Addams will not end well.

Greed – Some make-up products really deserve your investment; a great set of brushes for example. However, just because a product is a high ticket item doesn’t mean it will perform any better than a cheaper alternative. Read some reviews so you know where to save.

Pride – There is nothing wrong with enjoying the way your make-up has turned out. However resist the urge to upload numerous selfies to Facebook; it’s just blatant vanity.