The Store Room

Emil Sands 31 January 2019

What does Cambridge’s art scene really look like? Well, it does seem you can either go to the Fitz or Kettle’s Yard. Two fantastic establishments – yes. Could we do with a few more? Yes… Luckily, that is exactly what’s happening on the other end of Mill Road (yes… that’s right… the non-‘town’ end!). Daniel Dunt has opened what he endearingly terms his ‘micro-gallery’, The Store Room. Dunt does his best to work with the limited space he has on offer and, given the restrictions, he does a pretty good job. With a six month series set up, offering everything from painting, to photography, to sculpture, the gallery promises big things in a small space.

It is definitely worth a visit. It is rare to experience quality art in such an intimate setting, and a visit need not take long. The gallery space is transformed – you know you’re in one, and yet the relaxed feel permeates into the viewer. The current exhibition, showcasing the smaller works of British artist Gina Parr takes a few moments to get used to. Once you stop trying to ‘work’ these abstract paintings out, with the eye trying its hardest to find something to cling on to, they sing with abstract originality. Parr cleverly abstracts glimpses of the recognisable.

Credit to Daniel Dunt for bringing his David Lolly Gallery to Cambridge. The Store Room can be found at Vinopolis, 1A Devonshire Road, Cambridge CB1 2BH. Gina Parr’s Night Fishing is on display until the 14th February.