The world is now a worse Place: The Simpsons / Guy

Daniel Leigh 7 October 2014

I did not watch the recent Simpsons/ Family Guy crossover, and do not ever intend to. I don’t want that to be used as a criticism against this article as I am attacking this recent abomination purely on principle. Even if the episode had been hilarious from first minute to last, I would still be writing this article.

The Simpsons has been in decline ever since 1997, yet one could never complain after the previous eight years aired one of the greatest television comedies of all time. We enjoyed over 150 episodes of genius and it was surely inevitable that they couldn’t keep it up for ever. Catching the occasional glimpse of the recent mire that has become The Simpsons is always depressing, but at least I have the option of turning it off and looking back to my golden years box sets, thankful that it ever existed in the first place.

But now it’s gone too far. The whole programme could have just limped on until the end without offending me, but instead they decided to finally give legitimacy to the worst unofficial remake in history. Family Guy is base plagiarism with unfunny ‘adult’ (though the content couldn’t be less mature if it tried) jokes thrown in to make it look ‘edgy’. It is an insult to everyone that Seth Macfarlane, a talented comedian when he tries to be, has gotten away with stealing and s****ing all over The Simpsons for so long.

The crossover may have been self-aware, with jokes about how Family Guy stole and how The Simpsons is no longer good, but being meta does not always save you. It is a sad day for culture and indeed the whole world that this has happened and let’s hope that The Simpsons ends before it can do anything worse. And that would be astonishing as this is the lowest I thought The Simpsons could ever stoop.