Review: The Producers

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The Producers was a masterpiece – it was a pure delight to watch! The cast was especially well-chosen and the general production was amazing, with a great set, enthusiastic actors, and plenty of comedic interludes to constitute a truly enjoyable musical. The humour of the show drew on ridiculous accents, caricatures of homosexuals and Nazis, and many show business in-jokes which ensured that the audience did not have a chance to stop laughing.

As expected, great attention had been dedicated to the set which immediately suggested the success of this musical. The scene transitions were smooth as the set design would be swiftly switched, maintaining the energy and vibrancy of The Producers. The backdrop for the theatre front was especially creative and fun; the opening song “Opening Night” was an entertaining start to what would be a top quality musical. Similarly, the ex-Nazi playwright Franz’s (Stanley Thomas) pigeons offered a unique humorous element to the scene in which he sings “Old Bavaria”.

The musical was a true success, in particular, because it was well cast and the actors were talented all-round performers. Each musical interlude was well-rehearsed with creative choreography, offering humour and spectacle, and wonderful singing from gifted individuals. Personally, my favourite scene was when Max (Meg Coslett) and Leo (Conor Dumbrell) go to the house of flamboyant homosexual Roger De Bris (Leo Reich). The actors playing Roger and his assistant Carmen (Oscar Kong) were fabulous in their roles, very energetic and naturally funny. Also, the performance element in “Keep It Gay” was especially enjoyable; the audience members could not contain their laughter! This was a great complement to the comedy presented by the Little Old Ladies in several scenes throughout both acts, particularly their performance of “Along Came Bialy” which saw the imaginative use of zimmer-frames!

Of course, the leading roles of Max and Leo were the highlight of the show. Both actors showed amazing raw talent and brilliantly complemented one another in terms of personality and musical harmony. Max was a remarkably ruthless, crude, and cunning individual which was obvious to the audience through body language, facial expressions, and interactions with other characters. His song “Betrayed” in Act II was a particularly successful moment not only because of the great staging and directing but also due to Meg’s ability to shine in the spotlight and provide comedic interludes. His partner in crime Leo was also a remarkable force in The Producers with regards to his humorous additions, character development, and theatrical talent. Conor effectively portrayed the mousy accountant’s anxiety, in the first part of the musical, and his transformation into a confident Broadway producer. His interactions with Ulla (Joy Gingell) were enjoyable due to both their comedic and musical elements; “That Face” was one of the most entertaining musical numbers because the choreography was creative and well-rehearsed.

In sum, The Producers was an exceptionally funny musical which any and every audience member will enjoy. You can be guaranteed a great evening of entertainment with this ADC Theatre production – I simply cannot fault it!


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