Thespionage Begins

1 October 2009

The Cambridge Student(TCS) will be there to cover and review the theatrical mayhem and excellence as they fight to entertain you. Nothing is on this week. But it is time to begin applauding the Cambridge Drama scene where all is not what it seems.

Every week our secretive TCS Renaissance man in residence will scour the world of ‘Big C’ theatre bringing you news of developments, what might actually be worth seeing, and shedding light on the aspects of theatre you may never have even thought or heard of. Our undercover agent will reveal all with deep delves into the seedy secrets of the dramatic world.

If you have ever wondered at what it takes to act, produce, stage manage, direct or write in an environment awash with supposedly incestuous opportunity and frolic then this individual shall seek out those answers. Fiction shall be dramatically expelled from fact as the refined aficionado of all that is theatrical gets down to some understagehand business.

It is time for Thespionage.

Welcome one and all to a new year of dramatic promise. There will be blood, sweat and tears as directors and actors put their blooming reputations on the line each and every week of this term.

Thespy Recommends:

Watched Troilus and Cressida at the Globe Theatre over the summer. Lovely stuff. That Matthew Kelly fellow from Stars in their Eyes played Pandarus. Sheer madness I tell you.

Anyway, having had my ear close to the ground I quite fancy watching ‘The Two Gentleman of Verona’, the mainshow at the ADC next week. It is reportedly rather the treat after its flurry across America. The ADC also begins its dirty, yet interesting, one night stands lateshow policy next Tuesday and begins with a show entitled ‘Captain Improv.’ This may indeed be the’ first time’ for many of you to visit the ADC and catch some genuinely ‘once in a lifetime comedy’, even if it is only for the fact that it is improvised.

Finally, the Footlights tour show, ‘Wishful Thinking’ returns to its Cambridge home for a series of performances that should hopefully have been honed to comic perfection on tour and will undoubtedly sell out fast. Those who watched it at Edinburgh seemed to have rather enjoyed it if the reviews that lot are bandying about are anything to go by. You will hear more from me as the term progresses, but for now adieu..

And so with a thunderous applause from the heavens..he was gone into shadow………….