Three songs to help you through Easter Term

Tom Ronan 20 April 2015

Here Comes The Night Time – Arcade Fire

The sun is going down, the work is piling up and that last energy drink has you shaking a little. While Win Butler captures the electric thrill of a night time carnival in Haiti you're spending the small hours stuck in a library. It's not quite as exciting, but this funky number is sure to keep you awake.


Goodbye Weekend – Mac Demarco

"But we never get weekends in Cambridge!" I hear you exclaim. It's probably because we left the concept of a weekend behind when we matriculated, replacing lie ins with a pathological commitment to work and all-consuming extracurriculars. Easter term will only solidify this sad reality. Fear not; Mac Demarco is here to ease you through the weeks ahead with his unique brand of laid-back slacker rock.


Wrapped Up In Books – Belle & Sebastian

"Our aspirations are wrapped up in books" sings Stevie Jackson on this jangly tune, which mixes upbeat verses with melancholy interludes and dark lyrics, creating a bittersweet sound that has become Belle & Sebastian's trademark. The lyricist probably didn't have Gray's Anatomy in mind when he penned this tune, but it is the perfect soundtrack to your revision nonetheless.