Throwback Thursday: The best of the election so far

Amelia Oakley 6 May 2015

Elections are a strange time. In the last one we had Nick Clegg’s game-changing TV debate performance; Gordon Brown and Bigotgate; the shock (ish) of a coalition government, and that super catchy Nick Clegg  ‘I’m Sorry’ song. Though an election is to secure the future of our country, more often than not the whole thing seems to descend into a farce. While you shouldn’t vote on which candidate can best handle a sandwich, enjoy a look back at some of this election’s weirdest moments:

Ed Miliband

In what might be termed the bacon backlash, the Milifandom rose like an army in defence of their uncoordinated leader. 'Who cares how he eats a sandwich?' they cried, assigning Ed a mixed role between political guru and the new Harry Styles. Further Miliband madness came with his giant stone pledge that he hopes to set in his future garden, which Boris Johnson affectionately termed “some weird commie slab”. Also, he fell over on the stage and it was quite jokes.

Russell Brand

First, there was his lengthy debate at the union. Then came his book Revolution. He called Ed Balls something that definitely cannot be printed. Most recently, he’s reversed his ‘no vote’ stance after a late-night meeting with Ed Miliband. Seems to have had a bigger influence than most party leaders, and made David Cameron grumpy that he didn’t get an interview too; the unlikely star, for better or for worse, of the year’s politics. 

Ukip (Please don't report me to the police)

No discussion of this year’s election would be complete without mention of some of UKIP’s most barmy antics. A personal favourite includes the complaints made to Kent Police over the jokes made on Have I Got News For You. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Police refused to investigate. Alongside this was the creation of a new, key political party: FUKP. Under the guidance of Al Murray, the party is aiming for a seat in South Thanet, in what they are terming the “Common Sense Revolution”. There was also the UKIP manifesto launch where they couldn’t hand out said manifestos after a printer malfunction. Policies aside, UKIP are the comedy goldmine of the election. Also providing some more shocking moments in the TV debates, where Farage’s comments on HIV sufferers led to him being lambasted by Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon, aka The Sturgeonator.

Cameron in Confusion

A great moment from the man of the people came when the ‘long-term’ Aston Villa fan David Cameron apparently forgot his allegiance and decided he supported West Ham instead. Because, you know, they wear the same colours or something. Even better was when he forgot the date of the election, before announcing that this was a “career defining” moment, instead of “country”. Oops.

The Awkward Moments

Natalie Bennet’s excruciating radio interview (sorry, “brain fade”). Ed Miliband’s weird cockney-ish voice when talking to Russell Brand. The conservative party leaflet which told us to vote on “Erection day”. Those weird pictures of David Cameron hugging lambs. To quell these uncomfortable pangs, watch Sky News’ General Affection song for a look at some loving Cameron/Clegg looks, as well as that Miliband smoulder.