Time and Relative Dimension in Cambridge

Devon Buchanan 16 April 2012

A full-sized TARDIS was today spotted on King’s Parade, Cambridge today, unfortunately, it was just a replica (as opposed to the real time machine…) and wasn’t accompanied by Matt Smith and his enviable bow ties, but by the Dr Who equivalent of punt touts. Promoters in camouflage jump-suits were appealing to passers-by to attend “The Crash of the Elysium” in London – an “immersive theatre” installation that has been touring the country and which has been unexpectedly successful at attracting adults in addition to the 7-12 year old audience it is was designed for.

This being a mere theatre promotion will disappoint Doctor Who fans who still hold out hope that the famous unbroadcasted episode “Shada” will one day be completed. The script was set in Cambridge and features a 300 year old Professor of Chronology at St. Cedd’s College, and a bicycle chase.

TCS contacted Gallifrey for comment, but has as yet received no response.

Devon Buchanan