Time Machine 6: Knightmare

Ashley Chhibber 5 November 2013

Knightmare was a show almost completely ‘before my time’: the eighth and final series aired in November 1994. Repeats, however, formed an integral part of my childhood, and discovering it on Challenge earlier this term was one of my happiest Cambridge moments.

For those who’ve not seen it, Knightmare is a fantasy adventure game which sees an adventurous teen, vision severely limited by a helmet, guided by his or her friends through a virtual-reality maze. Both the costumes and the special effects were very low-tech, but the drama and dialogue are great fun, and it’s surprisingly addictive; one of those shows which can have you screaming at the screen.

Knightmare now has something of a cult following. This year it was revived on YouTube for a short while during Geek Week 2013 – even featuring the original Treguard (Hugo Matt) as host. The graphics haven’t improved, of course, but it’s certainly still worth checking it out!