Time Machine 7: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Katie Batchelor 12 November 2013

Tuesday evenings as a nine-year-old were filled with a mix of fright and glee. For me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a “grown-up programme”, because with its rock-metal intro and creepy characters it was surely completely inappropriate. I did not care.

Buffy, as a defiant high-school student with quirky friends and evenings spent in a warehouse-come-club, was the epitome of cool and everything I believed my teenage years would be. Minus the vampires, demons, witches and multiple near-apocalypses, of course. However much I loved Buffy, I was inevitably left holding a cushion for the whole hour, and running out of the room on several occasions. The Gentlemen, white-skinned, black-eyed demons that stole people’s voices, in order to then steal their hearts without hindrance, were a particular horror for me and the basis for many a nightmare. Seeing them now just makes me giggle. Who knew cheesy costumes and creepy music could be so brilliant.