Time Machine 9: SMTV

Danielle Poole 26 November 2013

‘Wonkey Donkey’, ‘Challenge Ant’, the ‘Poke-rap’… for any child of the late nineties/early noughties golden years these somewhat ridiculous phrases should send a shiver of unadulterated glee through your now cynical heart. Hosted by the dream team of Ant and Dec before they achieved televisual domination and Cat Deeley, SMTV was the only programme worth getting up early for on a Saturday morning.

If it was reprised today I would happily drag myself out of bed for a couple of hours of sketches, anarchic games and the brilliant dynamic between the three hosts which was the lifeblood of the show. That’s even before we get onto ‘Chums’, their hilarious spoof of Friends (worth a watch on Youtube). Watching it back today it is still as funny, indeed even more so, as it is full of innuendo that you would never pick up on as a child. It was hilarious at nine, and still is at nineteen. Come on Ant and Dec. You brought back 'PJ and Duncan', now bring back SMTV.