Tony Blair visits Cambridge

Lili Bidwell 18 March 2017

Yesterday ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair came to Cambridge to open a new lab in Cambridge Science Park.

The new clinical lab will mean that Owlstone Medical can expand and share their unique technology used to detect diseases in breath. This medical breathalyzer could save up to 100,000 lives and £1.5 billion in healthcare costs. The breathalyzer could be used for early detection of both lung and colorectal cancer.

Upon visiting and finding out more about the work of Owlstone Medical, Tony Blair said: “I congratulate Owlstone Medical on the opening of its new clinical lab. It was a pleasure to meet the dedicated staff of this successful, dynamic company, united in their clear vision to save lives. The breath biopsy technology has huge potential to lead to great improvements in healthcare, and I wish the team every success in developing a company that will become a leader in next generation diagnostics.”

Owlstone Medical is a company whose labs are situated in Cambridge Science Park, which was founded in 1970 by Trinity College. It is the oldest science park in the United Kingdom and has strong links with the University of Cambridge. Situated just 3km from Cambridge city centre the park is linked with academics, clinicians and drug companies.


Source: Cambridge News