Top pointers for procrastination paradise

Jessy Alhuwalia 15 February 2015

We all know that when you have a million and one things to do, you instead find yourself doing the less than crucial. As self-dubbed Queen of Procrastination, I thought I’d spread my wisdom to help the rest of you miss those essay deadlines. 

Social media

Pretty self- evident I think. But when you find yourself stalking your best friend from primary school’s boyfriend’s brother on Facebook you know you’ve reached new heights.

Fantasy online shopping

This is online shopping like no other. Hop onto your favourite designer websites – I’d recommend Net-a-Porter – and create a basket of your dream wardrobe. For extra fun invent fantasy occasions for the outfit, date night with Prince Harry anyone?

Dancing to cheesy pop

Personally I love a good boogie to a girl band: The Spice Girls, The Saturdays, Destiny’s Child, Little Mix… S Club 7 are also a regular feature, and sometimes I even go a little rogue and crack out S Club Juniors.

TV series binge

The danger of watching things online is that the next episode is already there. Just teasing, taunting and tantalising you to watch it. After much practise, you’ll be seamlessly gliding through a series per week.

Children’s clothes shopping

This is my newest procrastination fun. Have you seen how tiny some of those shoes are?

Watching workout videos

Actually doing a workout would be too productive, obviously. So instead I often find myself sat watching workout videos and tips on YouTube. I mean, you need to prepare yourself for the actual workout, right…?

House hunting

This is extra fun to do with a friend. The beauty of the internet means you can look for your Beverley Hills mansion, New York apartment or Australian beachfront pad all in one session. Obviously it is ENTIRELY essential to spend an hour searching for £10 million homes in Buckinghamshire. Duh.

Daily Mail TV Gossip

I will stress that I do not read the Daily Mail. The Showbiz section, however, provides one with all the important details of irrelevant celebrities’ lives. I mean, who doesn’t want to know that Katie Price just spent £100,000 on new teeth?

Writing for TCS

Yup, I should currently be discussing the value of human rights. But of course encouraging the procrastination of others is far more important…