Top ten superfoods

Karishma Patel 16 April 2014

With May Week just around the corner, it is time to consider getting camera ready, starting with a healthy glow. Though I expect that this is not high on your list of priorities, what with bring buried neck high in musty books, the key to great skin and a toned physique may also provide some much needed brain power. Try incorporating these ten super foods into your daily diet for a brain boost and a healthy makeover.

  1. Blueberries and Pomegranates: filled with antioxidants and anthocyanins, they are a natural anti-aging tonic that will prevent retardation of motor control and memory loss, while leaving your skin clear and taught. Pop them in your morning granola or a refreshing salad.
  2. Fish: if you are a vegetarian I suggest using a fish oil supplement, as eating fish helps cut the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis, while also trimming down your waistline.
  3. Nuts: the perfect snack on the go, or dare I say, one that can be snuck into the library for desperate times. They are rich in fibre, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.
  4. Flaxseeds: this one may take a bit of work, but they are worth the effort. Flaxseeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which helps prevent inflammation. They will be a most convenient tool to battle puffiness caused by over exhaustion and wrist pains from excessive typing.
  5. Avocados: they may be high in fat, but they contain the healthy monounsaturated kind that is linked to stabilizing blood sugar and aiding in blood and tissue regeneration. Plus, they a good source of lutein, which is tied to eye and skin health. So go on and make some guacamole.
  6. Apples: it’s true what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Packed with antioxidants and fibre they will aid in preventing cellular damage, while keeping the tummy toned. Make sure you eat the peel – that’s the best part.
  7. Green Tea: it may not be a food per say, but these miracle waters deserve the name. Clinical studies have shown that a cup a day can trim an inch from your waistline over 12 weeks.  So why not try swapping out a cup of coffee with a green fat-blocking blend?
  8. Spinach: really all leafy greens are beneficial, but the darker the better. Spinach is a particular favourite iron-rich source that can be easily added to a variety of cuisines.
  9. Garlic: can lower both cholesterol and triglyceride levels, leaving you with cleaner arteries. Plus, It has the added bonus of antibacterial properties, boosting your resistance to stress-induced ailments. It may not leave the best odour, but at least you’ll be protected against any vampires lurking in the stacks.
  10. Mushrooms: are another immune system booster whose use extends to ancient Asian medicine for their ability to counteracts various toxins. Eat them raw or give them a quick simmer.  The more you cook them, the less nutritious they become.

Happy eating everyone!