Town vs Gown: post-match reaction

Jennifer Reid 12 February 2014

In the aftermath of Town vs Gown, Jennifer Reid caught up with boxer of the match Jack Randall and captain Stefan Lavelle…

You’ve just been awarded boxer of the match, how does it feel?
JR: It’s all a bit surreal at the moment; it’s not sunk it yet. I was downstairs getting warmed up, and the next thing I know I’m picking up my trophy at the end. It all goes so quickly when you’re out there, but it’s an incredible experience. Home crowd, everyone goes crazy, it’s quite easy to get carried away; but you have save a bit for later on.

You seemed to have a good crowd behind you, does that help?
JR: It does, the more support there is the better it is for you. I mean, it’s obviously a bit weird for the Gown vs Gown guys, but I did that last year.

How do you think the club did?
JR: I think there is a lot to learn from tonight, but everyone fought well. Lots of guys are fighting for the first time tonight, and with 500 people watching you, everyone knows they're not quite as good as they are when they spar normally. That’s what we need here, a bit of experience with the crowd, and then we go to Oxford. We need more people, onwards to Varsity!

How did you feel your match went?
SL: It was a close fight, it could have gone either way, but he was the most experienced boxer. He landed good punches, I landed good punches. I probably didn’t work hard enough, but the decision didn’t go my way.

How do you think the club performed as a whole?
SL: Obviously we’ve lost quite a few bouts, but the coaches aren’t in the business of getting us easy fights. They get us tough competition so we learn a lot. And traditionally Town vs Gown has been a bad predictor of how we do in Varsity, so it doesn’t really matter.

What’s it like having the home crowd behind you?
SL: It’s fantastic, fighting in front of all your friends and hearing a really loud cheer pushes you on. Obviously people have lost tonight but the crowd has made them fight a lot harder. When you hear your name shouted you tend to go in and try and knock the guy out.

How have you found the performance of the town clubs, have they impressed you tonight?
SL: The town clubs are always fantastic. A lot of the guys have extreme levels of experience, and the guy I fought has had double the number of fights as me. They’ve been impressive, they always are.

What’s the game plan for varsity?
SL: Try and knock them out, be really aggressive. We need to be more aggressive to try and win, especially myself.