Trenton Oldfield fails to disrupt Cambridge Cardboard Boat Race!

Devon Buchanan 22 June 2012

The fourth annual Cambridge University cardboard boat race took place on Suicide Sunday. Close to 1000 people lined the bank of Jesus Green to watch students take to the water in their soggy creations.

Many teams avoided the plunge, especially the winners – Alice Buckley, Clare Donaldson, and Chloe Harris of Newnham – who completed the course in a record time of five minutes. “It’s really fantastic to win”, Donaldson said, “Especially when everybody said we’d just sink”.

Not everybody went into the race with the intention of winning however, and the rest of the participants put on a fantastic show. A boat large enough to hold 14 people dwarfed the other crafts, and a group of Homertonians took to the water dressed as Spartans, putting on a hilarious performance of 300 meets The Raft of the Medusa.

The participants were allowed to use whatever means of propulsion they wished. Two groups created paddle wheels powered by a bicycle and cordless drill, and another six foot hamster wheel. None of these met with much success – their pilots were either forced to paddle with dinner trays or consigned to the river bed.

Devon Buchanan