Trinity Hall drinking society under fire for comments on video

Sophie Laura Weymes-McElderry 7 May 2018

Trinity Hall’s drinking society, known as the Tit Hall Crescents, have been exposed over alleged elitist comments, recorded on video and published to Grudgebridge, a Facebook page for Cambridge students.

In the video, taken at 10.30am this morning, somone can be seen standing on a table speaking to a group of society members, reading answers to questions posed by the society to prospective members, in front of a group of perhaps over a dozen other people, presumably members of the society.

The person can be heard asking, “what is the single biggest problem facing the Crescents in the modern age,” to which he responds that the answer to the “rhetorical” question was “inclusivity”, to a round of cheers from those gathered in front of him.

The video then goes on to give reasons why the Crescents should be allowed to swim in the Emmanuel College pond. “I can’t swim very well,” he says. “Almost as if I’ve never had the money to pay for swimming lessons.”

He continues: “I have [had swimming lessons], but I disliked it.  I didn't like the snot-nosed kids putting their verrucas in the fucking pool.” He is later heard joking that he “swim[s] like someone who’s never had the money to go swimming.”  Much of the video is difficult to hear but some of the speaker's sentiments did come through clearly.

At this point, one of the Crescenets approaches the person taking the recording, asking them to stop filming and what they will do with the recording. 

A spokesperson has made the following statement on behalf of the college: "During a college society incident a man made some ill-judged remarks that have caused understandable concern and distress. Though the man was not a member of the society, the group has issued an unreserved apology for these remarks and emphasised it in no way condones any of the views and sentiments expressed.

"The group also added that it remains committed to being an open and inclusive society, and discrimination in any form is completely against its values and the behaviour it expects from its members."

The spokesperson also added that "Trinity Hall has cancelled the Crescents garden party for this year and will investigate the matter further.‚Äč"

Comments on the video on Grudgebridge have criticised the students, noting that the video highlights some of the issues that tend to be associated with Cambridge.