Trinity Hall June Event cancelled

Molly Moss 7 February 2018

Trinity Hall’s June Event, which was to be held on Wednesday 20 June as part of May Week celebrations, has been cancelled following poor ticket sales.

The Event’s page announced that ‘it is with great regret that the Trinity Hall 2018 June Event scheduled for 20th June has had to be cancelled. After many years of successful sell-out events, disappointing ticket sales this year have meant that the event is not financially viable.’

The tickets, priced at £85 and £95 for Standard Entry and Queue Jump respectively, were priced so as to enable a "massive" event to "go bigger". On 27 January a Facebook post stated that the event was in "crisis", at risk of the "plug being pulled".

"If 390 People Buy a Ticket By Monday Week [the 5th of February], the Twentieth of June is Gonna Be Huge".

"They said it couldn't be done. Don't let us down."

The statement posted on the Event website also stated that every effort would be made to ensure that future June Events will be successful and are looking for ways of "putting on an exciting new event in 2019." All tickets purchased will be refunded in full.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused but would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the 2018 Event," the statement concludes.

The Event suffered numerous setbacks, including controversy over its choice of theme. Christ’s student Georgia Humphrey, who is Wiccan, claimed the theme of Solstice was a "gross" use of "a religious holiday as a theme", highlighting that the event was "not even…on the right day." The President of the June Event, Julia Davies, later issued a statement saying that: "Our theme–Solstice (from the Latin ‘solstitium’, which refers to a stopping of the sun’s motion in the sky)–is a celebration of an astronomical phenomenon which has been recognised and celebrated for several millennia…It has never been our intention to appropriate any aspect of Wiccan practice. We wish only to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of the natural world."

The June Event also suffered a setback due to issue with ticketing software, which hindered attempts at guest bookings.

TCS has contacted Trinity Hall June Event committee for comment.