Trinity Hall threatens to cancel June Event

Caithlin Ng 28 January 2018

The Trinity Hall June Event committee has announced that the event is at risk of being cancelled if 390 tickets are not sold in the next ten days. This decision was made by the college, and it is thought that this is a result of poor ticket sales for last year’s June Event.

The June Event committee announced this decision on Facebook, with the post stating: “Tit Hall’s June Event is in Crisis. We’ve planned an event so bold that unless we hit our ticket target by the Fifth of February College will plug the plug.

“They said it couldn’t be done. Don’t let us down.”

This year’s June Event theme is Solstice, which previously drew ire from a student claiming it was an appropriation of her Wiccan religion. On Monday, the student took to Facebook to condemn the June Event theme of Solstice, arguing that it was "gross" to use "a religious holiday as a theme".