Trinity to Fly LGBT+ Flag for First Time

Luke Hallam 24 January 2019
Wikimedia Commons

Trinity College has agreed to fly the LGBT+ flag in February, following pressure from students and Trinity College Students’ Union.

Last year, 24 colleges agreed to fly the flag for LGBT+ History Month on their main flagpole, with Trinity among those notably resisting. The College instead promised to plant special multi-coloured flowers along the riverbank, which will be displayed next month.

A steady trickle of colleges have agreed to fly the flag over recent years, having faced institutional opposition due to constitutional requirements for only certain flags to be flown on main college flagpoles. Trinity has bypassed this problem by promising to fly it on a purpose-installed flagpole, following the example of Emmanuel last year, on the 1st and 28th of February.

Anna Dimitriadis, TCSU LGBT officer, told TCS:

“I’m absolutely delighted (and, admittedly, more than a little surprised) at Trinity’s decision to fly the Pride Flag this February. To go from no visible acknowledgement of LGBT+ History Month last year to having both the flag flying and a floral tribute on the backs feels extremely validating. I’d like to thank everyone who responded to the LGBT+ Survey sent out last term, as it was largely this demonstration of student demand – used to back up a formal proposal – that conveyed the importance of the issue to the Fellows. The Senior Tutor was also very supportive throughout the process, and I am very grateful for all her help.”