Time Machine 4: Robot Wars

Image credit: Chris Robertshaw

Even now, what I love about Robot Wars is that, people will still have bitter arguments about which was the greatest. FYI, it’s obviously Pussycat – Razer is for posers. For the unaware, teams built remote-controlled robots equipped with circular saws, axes, and flippers, sent them into an arena filled with traps and fought until only one was left.

It was perfect early teens TV –  leading badass Craig Charles, his lovely assistant in the workshop (Phillippa Forrester), an overexcited commentator (Jonathan Pearce) and, of course, wanton destruction. I found it hilarious that the nerdy operators delivered wrestling-style putdowns to their opponents, with one team renting a helicopter.

What was surprising, though, was how quickly it disappeared. It was still popular when it was sold to Five, but it only lasted one series there before it was scrapped. Nonetheless, when my friend at Southampton University said he had lectures from tech guru Professor Noel Sharkey, I was still jealous.

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