Time Machine 3: Xena: Warrior Princes

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I would love to be able to say that this story, full of strong women, difficult moral choices, hilarious inaccuracies, mashed-up myths, in-jokes and lesbian insinuations made me forget about waiting around for a Prince Charming and inspired me to take my destiny (or at least a plastic sword) into my own hands.

However, feminism or not, I couldn’t help but want a hot royal, even if only to eventually save him with said sword. But take up the piece of plastic I did, which is why I love Xena.

It showed me that it was okay for a girl to be the hero of the story and have a crush on a female friend. Even more importantly, that there was a world beyond the greyness of the never ending blocks of flats.

It inspired me to invent my own worlds while touching upon, what ten years later, I would call social issues, breaking the social norms so that now, as an adult, I can embrace them more comfortably. And it had a lot of good, solid fights. A perfect balance.

(Image is of actor, Bruce Campbell, who plays Autolycus King of Thieves)

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