Guilty Pleasure 3: Doomsday Castle

Image credit: National Geogaphic Society

Apocalypses have invaded much of pop culture recently, but for some, it’s a clear and present danger. And they must prepare.

Doomsday Castle is a reality show which follows the Bruns family, dad Brent and five of his obscenely good-looking children, who believe that a electromagnetic burst will cause the national power grid to fail and America to return to the Dark Ages. Brent, naturally, decides to build an electromagnetic pulse proof medieval castle that can survive without electricity and the outside world.

The family build the castle, learn survival skills and shoot stuff. You would have thought that if they had wanted to survive an apocalypse together, they would at least learn to cooperate. Not so, as the real hilarity comes from their intense bickering, as eldest son Brent Jr seeks to assert dominance over hot-headed Ashley and repeatedly fails, exasperating Brent Sr.

However, the show isn’t just laughing at them. Watching them sing around a campfire, eating caught squirrels, is bizarre, but ultimately heart-warming.

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