An Actor in Profile: David Tennant

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The 2013 phenomenon that was Broadchurch was superbly lead by Tennant and Olivia Colman. Tennant provided the enigmatic DI Hardy with the perfect balance of aloofness and hardened resolve along with fleeting but gleaming moments of compassion. His performance alongside Colman made the show an unprecedented hit, and is undoubtedly  why he was asked to reprise his role in the US  remake Gracepoint.

Doctor Who

Tennant’s take on the most iconic role on British Television rendered him a national hero in the eyes of millions of dedicated viewers. Whilst Christopher Eccleston introduced the Doctor to a whole new generation, it was Tennant’s tenth incarnation which brought a whole new lease of life to the role and cemented Doctor Who’s place on our TV screens for many years to come.


Tennant’s portrayal of Jimmy Murphy in this incredibly sensitive and emotive retelling of the 1958 Munich Air Crash involving Manchester United’s ‘Busby Babes’ is, in my opinion, one of his most under-appreciated roles. The hollow sense of tragedy and futile loss created by Tennant and Jack O’Connell’s harrowing performances leaves a lump in your throat.  

Single Father

This TV mini-series, which followed Tennant’s departure from Doctor Who, saw him play an incredibly different kind of role, and one that many hadn’t seen him do for years. The domesticity of Tennant’s delicate portrayal of a widower attempting to raise his four children brought out a tender sensitivity in Tennant, exemplifying his incredible acting prowess.

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