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The Vampire Diaries has returned in all its smutty glory, and I just couldn’t wait to make an unashamed pun and sink my teeth into it. We begin by meeting the cast again, re-introducing an unhinged Elena, an unhinged Jeremy, an unhinged Tyler – it’s possible to sense a theme emerging here...

Caroline has taken to launching a stakeout for her unspoken love, Stefan, in an attempt to stalk the earth for him after his sudden disappearance. Elena has developed a herbal addiction which allows her to see visions of her dead boyfriend, Damon, sending a message to viewers everywhere about why hallucinogenic drugs are a massive no- no. Meanwhile, Tyler is coping with his anger issues – surprise surprise – probably infuriated because this has been just about his only plotline for the last five series.

Damon’s death was a stake to the heart for teenage fans the world over, but the handsome anti-hero with his biting sarcasm and weirdly twitchy eyes is revealed to be alive in a mysterious otherworld, along with Bonnie. However, his recent death could well be a nail in the coffin for the Delena romance – Elena goes to plead for the recently resurrected Alaric’s help to hypnotise away her memories of her deceased beloved. Damon’s brother, meanwhile, has gone to do what Stefan does best – run away and brood / pout.

Vampire Diaries’ new series is living up to its wonderfully trashy, sensationalist legacy, and as the last season, it will also hopefully turn out to be the best one yet.   


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