Union cancels redevelopment project

Matt Gurtler 28 February 2017

The board of Trustees of the Cambridge Union Society have scrapped plans for a multi-million pound project, despite thousands of pounds having already been spent.

The project, which has been in the planning stages for a number of years, would have involved renovating the current site and expanding the Union on Round Church Street. It was also intended to bring in more revenue for the Union, so as to lower the price of membership.

The society was collaborating with Trinity College to bring together the funds for the project, but even with their collected capital, £1 million was needed to be raised. A fundraiser was in the later stages of planning.

Anonymous sources told The Tab Cambridge that over £500,000 has been spent on architect's fees, fundraising, and consultancy up til now. 

Trinity College are still committed to the project, and it has been approved by the council, but the Union will not be involved and will not benefit from the redevelopment, although they have already spent money on it.