Union leaders step down

9 February 2008

TCS News Team

The Cambridge Union lost three of its most senior officials last Saturday, after Society members voted against them in an effective motion of no-confidence.

The Union’s President, Vice-President (VP) and Treasurer-elect all resigned their posts after an majority of members signalled that they no longer had any confidence in their leadership. On the motion ‘to ratify James Robinson’ as a member of the Union’s Constitutional Committee, the votes were returned with 82 Ayes, 172 Noes and 6 abstentions.

Following the conflict between VP James Robinson and the former President in a Members’ Business Meeting at the Union last week, Will Wearden, Union President, signalled that Robinson had his full support.

In an email to Society members, Wearden stated that he would regard any vote against Robinson as a vote against his own leadership. Dominic Benson, the Treasurer-elect, also promised that he would resign if the motion failed.So, with all the votes counted, all three officers resigned, leaving a serious shortage of top brass at the head of the world’s oldest debating society.

Lu Wei, who had previously held the position of treasurer, has now taken over governance of the Society for the remainder of the term.

“Now it’s pretty much business as usual at the Union,” he said.