Union term cards: Mitt, Nick, and Gaga invited to Oxford by mistake

TCS News 17 January 2013

The Cambridge Union Society (CUS)’s announced line up of speakers for this Lent term’s debates include Pamela Anderson, David Blaine and Andrew Mitchell.

Whilst politicians, television stars and the former Archbishop of Canterbury are among those preparing to speak at the CUS, Oxford has been approaching matters differently.

Invitations to speak at The Oxford Union were “mistakenly” sent to Mitt Romney, Nick Griffin, and Lady Gaga.

A new member of the Oxford Union committee sent the invitations “arbitrarily” on behalf of the committee without first getting the letters signed off by the President. The letter addressed to Nick Griffin guaranteed him “a great welcome in Oxford”, describing Griffin as a “particularly good speaker… considered thought provoking and stimulating” for Union members.

The Oxford Union has since rescinded the invitation to Nick Griffin and are taking “disciplinary action” against the committee member who sent the invite.

Whilst Oxford Union has stated that they “do not wish to be associated with the BNP in any way whatsoever,” Griffin, angered by the “disgraceful cowardice” of the Union members, has threatened to “go anyway.”

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