Union termcard released

Ciara Berry 3 October 2014

The Union have released their termcard for Michaelmas this morning.

The major speakers confirmed so far include the Irish stand-up comedian Ed Byrne, football manager Roy Hodgson, the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project Laura Bates, the Lord Speaker at the House of Lords Baroness D’Souza, the eminent science and fertility professor Lord Robert Winston, as well as Gaz, Vicky and Scott from the MTV reality show Geordie Shore.

Debates range from ‘Oxbridge is a force for good’ to ‘Western Feminism has failed the developing world’ and ‘Putin is a serious threat to global stability’, at which Peter Hitchens will speak.

President Tim Squirrell also noted three major changes in the structure of the Union society.

Their camera equipment has been upgraded, “so that our videos no longer look like they were shot in the early 1980s”, and there will be a live twitter feed running alongside their livestreamed events. The Union claim that these changes are “part of our effort to continue to attract the biggest and best speakers of any university society in the world.”

In addition to this, the Union are also reintroducing the calculating swing in debates, to guage the audience’s view both pre- and post- debate. This has been implemented because “it shows the ability of the people who speak here and the arguments they put across to change your mind on major issues.”

The Union will also be running events solely for freshers, including a Freshers’ Brunch on Saturday 11th October, as well as the annual Freshers’ Ball. The ball theme this year is ‘The Secret Garden’.

A student at Trinity Hall said, “I’m not sure about the Geordie Shore gang, but I think that the Women in Science Forum will be really interesting”.

A second year student at Magdalene agreed, saying “I think the line-up is ok, but if we’re picking Irish comedians I would have chosen Dara Ó Briain over Ed Byrne, hands down”