University commits to refugee scholarship scheme

Phyllis Chan 28 May 2018

The Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign (CRSC) announced its success via its Facebook page today. Following a meeting with the university Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Director of Development, it transpired that the University will now commit to the support of ‘at least ten students per year in the long term’.

The scheme, which the campaign will continue to collaborate on with the University, will ‘aim to have broad eligibility criteria that is sensitive to the complexities of the humanitarian and/or political reasons that hinder students from coming to Cambridge.’

While CRSC has been running since the beginning of the academic year, it gained momentum at the beginning of this month, with more than twelve college J/MCRs alone passing motions to endorse its cause.

The plight of Abdullah Kattineh, a Syrian student holding an offer to study natural sciences at Corpus Christi College but having to resort to a GoFundMe page to pay for his tuition fees and living expenses, also went viral this month, triggering the release of an open letter to the University, signed by hundreds of students. Kattineh was later offered a full scholarship through the Cambridge Trust and Corpus Christi College.

The University will join 59 universities across the UK offering financial support aimed and tailored towards refugees.