unsent embrace

Reiss Akhtar 1 March 2019
Image Credit: Arwan Sutanto

the sun dips and we fall

again, into those silken nights across my chest

where my soul lived a thousand times

in the soft lights of your hazel embrace,


where violet tranquilities

gave way for the inscriptions

of je t’aime across winter’s gates,

and my skin became a scripture


for the flower road,

a path beckoned by lust-soaked

leaves of love and nurtured

by the days where


our silences spoke sighed signs

telling that even time couldn’t quantify the length

our minds would have wandered

had we not wondered, for a second


what life would become

if these storms weren’t felt alone,

and if you were to me what water is to earth,

a story of endless harmonies and necessary desires