Uproar from students over plans to divide the SPS library

Jenny Steinitz 12 February 2015

HSPS and PPS students have this week been complaining about a proposal to divide the SPS library into different sections and to move much of the material to the Sidgwick site.

The plans include: moving the Politics undergraduate reading lists to the Sidgwick site, moving the International Studies collection (which serves mostly MPhils) to the Sidgwick site (though to a different location from the Politics section) and moving other identifiable politics stock to Sidgwick (i.e. old and non-reading list titles).

The university is aiming to divide up the SPS library in to different sections and move much of it to the Sidgewick sight. So far all we know is that the aim is to transfer from SPS:

The SPS Library does, however, plan to ensure that any shortages in the Sociology provision would be compensated for by a new purchase.

Student representatives expressed their concern in an internal email sent to all Part I HSPS students, arguing that the divisions “would negatively affect our undergraduate experience”. They added that “the multidisciplinary selection of books represents the nature of the HSPS tripos” and therefore should “definitely be maintained”. They called on students concerned by the move to contact their student representatives as soon as possible.

However, one third-year PPS student commented: “I don’t actually think the division will be that big a deal, especially as HSPS students tend to specialise by second year. I go to a hill college, and this move means that I won’t have to make separate trips to go to lectures on the Sidgwick site and books from the SPS library in the New Museums Site”.

The move is planned for Summer 2015, and a decision may be made as soon as April.