Valentine’s day your way: Chocolate alternatives

Freya Sanders 13 February 2014

Sainsbury’s is overflowing with cheap, tacky chocolates, but what if your special someone isn’t keen on the stuff? How can you satisfy their sweet tooth in a sickeningly romantic way? Worry not: whether you’re planning to bake your beloved a sweet treat, or just want to buy some delectable goodies for the big day, read on for inspiration. 

Jammy hearts

Bake a sweet heart for your sweetheart (sorry). Recipes for jammy dodgers are two-a-penny online, and they’re mostly pretty quick and easy. Hunt one down and then give it a romantic touch by moulding the dough into the shape of hearts instead of circles – you shouldn’t even need a special biscuit cutter.

Boiled sweets

Sounds obvious, but boiled sweets are a great alternative to chocolate for getting the heart fluttering. Head down to Mr Simm’s on King’s Parade and see what’s on offer; pile your pear drops and sherbet pips into a gift bag, and voilà: a minimum effort edible present. The market also boasts a delectable selection.

Hidden heart cake

Show your other half just how sweet you are by making a ‘hidden heart cake’. The premise is simple: bake a red cake, then cut out a long heart-shaped prism that can go in the middle of an ordinary-coloured cake. Then watch as your dearest one cuts into your culinary wonder and finds a soppy surprise inside. 

Fairytale fudge

Finally you can go into the Fudge Kitchen and actually buy something, instead of just testing how many free samples you can eat. The shop can wrap your fudge up to make it look extra- classy, but that doesn’t disguise the fact that you are simply presenting a hunk of sugar, butter and milk: ideal.