Varsity criticised for “totally inaccurate” coverage of CUSU Financial Inquiry

Sophie Laura Weymes-McElderry 14 May 2018

Daisy Eyre has criticised Varsity's press coverage of the final findings of the CUSU Finance Inquiry, describing their coverage as "incredibly negative".  Eyre highlighted the difficulty created by the tone of the article in communicating to students in a "hostile" press environment.

"As I'm about to leave, I might as well say this," she began. "[The article] could have had pretty much any spin, but I think the spin is incredibly negative."

Martha Krish, CUSU's Education Officer, credited Daisy with the "incredible amount of time and effort into swinging this thing around." Noting that they were recent graduates with no expected knowledge of financial affairs, Krish stated that it was due to Eyre that CUSU had received the extra university funding which "completely lifted" CUSU's finances and allowed them to break even, despite running a deficit of over £70,000 last year.   She described it as a "massively successful year".

"If we looked honestly at the situation at the start of the year and the one that we're leaving, we've had a pretty good year," she added. "We have to give credit where it's due, and it pretty much all belongs to Daisy."

Daisy Eyre made the following statement to TCS: "I was disappointed to see that the Varsity article about the council report into CUSU finances, which was an overwhelmingly positive and productive exercise, insisted on erasing the positive and exaggerating the negative of the report".Connor MacDonald, who presented the report at the Council meeting, expressed his opinion on the Varsity article. "The press has been far harsher than I would have been."

Varsity also added, “We’re glad to see TCS have removed factual errors about our piece from this article, and we would welcome CUSU contacting us directly if they believe any part of our original article is inaccurate or misleading.”